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Research & Analysis

Cutting-edge ratio building and charting

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Complete customization. Test any fundamental, technical or economic strategy.

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Automated portfolio trading and analysis

Research & Analysis

Cutting-edge ratio building tools, screeners and comparative charting.


Complete customization. Test any fundamental, technical or economic strategy.

Automated Execution

Automated portfolio trading and analysis.

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The Platform

BackLive is a web-based platform for sophisticated retail and professional investors that facilitates the backtesting, analysis, and execution of complex stock market trading strategies. Current access to state-of-the art stock strategy implementation requires either an in-house team of programmers or software that is often too costly, in-flexible, or cumbersome to use. BackLive remedies this situation by providing online access to sophisticated tools that obscure the complexities involved with building and validating superior trading strategies.

BackLive Team

Deji Jimoh – Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Deji Jimoh is a software development specialist with extensive experience in building applications that analyze and manage vast amounts of data. Combining this expertise with an intense passion for finance and fundamental analysis naturally led to developing his own algorithms and trading strategies, a system now called BackLive. For the past several years, Mr. Jimoh served as the VP of Product Development at Blueye Creative, where he led a team in developing Blueye’s proprietary mobile/web media and analytics Hub Platform. Mr. Jimoh has also previously served as a lead developer at Edward Don & Company, and was responsible for the development and maintenance of an e-Commerce website that generates over $120M in annual sales.

Eli Drucker – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Drucker has been trading equities and mutual funds since his days at Carnegie Mellon University from which he graduated with a B.S. in Policy and Management. Mr. Drucker became interested in BackLive software when he saw a demonstration of an early Beta version. As an entrepreneur and professional commodities trader, Mr. Drucker has also started his own commodities trading companies and is currently Managing Partner at Orion Energy Logistics, LLC, which focuses on developing crude oil energy assets in the domestic United States. A Crude Oil Trader at numerous major trading companies before starting his own, Mr. Drucker gained deep experience in various securities and trading platforms, which makes him exceptionally suited to help manage a financial software company.

Craig Nehamen – Advisor

Craig Nehamen is a veteran marketing director with a passion for finance and technology. Craig received an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. For the past several years, Craig has served as the Director of Marketing Operations at Westlake Financial Services, a national technology-based financial lending service. At Westlake Financial, Craig also runs the client service team and has come to believe that without great customer service, all falls down. Craig cares to make every BackLive customer heard, advised and supported.

Matt Johnson – Product Design

Matt Johnson is a seasoned software designer, with years of industry experience. Mr. Johnson has served as the VP of Design and Strategy for Blueye Creative, and worked with Mr. Jimoh in developing the mobile/web media and analytics Hub Platform. Prior to his work at Blueye, Mr. Johnson served as the Senior Designer for New York-based Only Media, GiantRealm, Inc., and served as the Lead Designer & Strategist for, a venture capitalist funded enterprise. Matt Johnson’s keen eye for design aesthetics and intense attention to the usability of user facing apps, is crucial to the task of simplifying the often complex usage of financial software.

Our Philosophy

Individuals across all walks of life frequently make false assumptions that lead to inaccurate and often costly predictions of future outcomes. BackLive’s philosophy is to let the data speak first. By creating virtual test environments that strive to replicate as closely as possible the conditions and parameters of a past period, BackLive provides valuable insights that inform intelligent decision making in the future.

In the stock market, even when investors do have access to all the data necessary to make informed decisions, they are often misled as to what factors truly drive superior returns, unaware that some of these factors may change over time, or lack the tools to explore their own ideas. BackLive’s mission is to provide investors with the power to quickly separate weak strategies from those that are likely to be profitable, without the need for a team of analysts or programmers. When an “expert” on a financial TV network or blog touts a stock because it ranks high on any given metric, BackLive’s goal is to answer the question, “how would a strategy of selecting stocks based on this metric actually have performed?”

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